Can we fall in love for a moment?

Have you ever met someone that’s just too good to be true? We cross paths with hundreds of people everyday, but do we ever stop for a moment and cherish that second, looking at somebody and realizing, we will never meet them again. 

It was raining, probably for the first time in what seemed like ages.  Those tiny droplets of water glimmering, as they fell from the heavens. And that is when, I laid my eyes on her. 

She was the most perfect thing, I had seen in my living existence. She looked so stunning in that white dress, it was like being met head on by a hurricane. When everyone was running away for shelter, she was the only calmness in chaos, without a care for the world and it’s sorrow.

She lifted her hand to feel the rain drops, caress her tender palm. She closed her eyes, as if wanting to let go of herself, into the heaven, she came from. Every time she blinked, my heart would start racing, my heat beat, getting faster with every breath she took. She was just flawless in that  moment. 

I couldn’t get my eyes off her. I was stuck there, frozen. I did question myself- was it just an act, a facade? Was she trying to just pretend to be so perfect and happy? But I couldn’t tell and I didn’t want to, because for that moment, I fell in love with a stranger, and I knew, I’d never see her again.


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