I can ‘t sleep. It ‘s dark and I feel exasperated; almost out of breath. There ‘s something making me restless. I hurl my blanket over my body but it feels heavier. I feel burdened and it is daunting. I remove the cover, but I still feel suffocated.

What has led to this? Where did my nonchalant self go? Why do I keep on looking for acceptance from others? Why can ‘t I just live without seeking approval from people, that don ‘t even matter, people who are just a temporary part of my life?

I don ‘t know the difference between right and wrong anymore. I have disappointed people closest to me; my family, the people who really matter, who have been there, bearing  with me throughout this entire while, and giving me the courage to keep going even when there was nothing but pitch black darkness.

I hope I make amends for all that I have done wrong . I hope this feeling ceases and I can finally be the person , that I once was. I hope, I can let go of all this angst built up inside me. I hope I can get back that familiar feeling, of a time without a care for this materialistic world, eating away at our souls.

Photo Credits: Pinterest


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