Lost and found

This feeling just doesn't seem to leave me; holding me back, making me feel restless. Clenching my fist, I want to punch a hole into the walls of reality, just to get away; far from this hollowness in my gut. I feel overjoyed, ecstatic and then scared. It's like I'm running away from an impending... Continue Reading →

Can we fall in love for a moment?

Have you ever met someone that's just too good to be true? We cross paths with hundreds of people everyday, but do we ever stop for a moment and cherish that second, looking at somebody and realizing, we will never meet them again.  It was raining, probably for the first time in what seemed like... Continue Reading →


  I can 't sleep. It 's dark and I feel exasperated; almost out of breath. There 's something making me restless. I hurl my blanket over my body but it feels heavier. I feel burdened and it is daunting. I remove the cover, but I still feel suffocated. What has led to this? Where did my... Continue Reading →

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